Hot Summer Specials

This summer we are offering some great "Hot Summer Specials".  For our customers who stay in the desert in the summer, hot can mean a couple things.  Like over 110 degrees hot.  However, we hope our customers who are here or away for the summer will find some interesting and good deals through our "Hot Summer Specials".  For those away this summer we will gladly ship anything to you.

Last month we had a special for Mothers Day.  Actually it is not too late to get a great gift package of paper and pen, notes, paper block, sticky notes and jewelry pouch all in a gift bag with tissue.   This special is &39.99...a $55.00 value.





Now, for our second "Hot Summer Special".  Perfect for Fathers, graduates, or anyone you need to get a nice personalized gift.  From our Embossed Graphics catalog we are offering memos, tablets, tower pads, or desk slabs for &18.95.  This is a $23.95 to $25.95 value.  If you aren't in the desert for the summer and can't get to the store, you can call us at 760-568-4206 or e-mail at  Fun to choose the color and font that is perfect for that special person.


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